Watershed Resources Consulting

Hollie Hall & Associates provides watershed resources management solutions. The solutions we develop reflect an integration of our clients needs with science, and when needed, regulatory processes. We provide information, permitting assistance, project coordination, and grant application support with the intention of protecting, conserving, and monitoring the quality of watershed resources and the services they provide.  

Services provided are always customized to our clients needs and include:

  • Collating, summarizing & communicating scientific information related to watershed resource quantity and quality; 
  • Providing recommendations for navigating regulatory processes associated with water and land resource use;
  • Designing projects;
  • Grant writing;
  • Managing projects;
  • Resolving 'shaded parcel' statuses;
  • Assisting with Water Rights permitting processes;
  • Providing summaries of stakeholder watershed resource use;
  • Analyses of information flow through stakeholder groups;
  • Empowering community based organizations;
  • Defining social values for natural resources;
  • Analyses of public comments; and
  • Providing recommendations, plans, and resources for improving environmental stewardship of homesteads and farms.