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  • Regional Water Board Cannabis Program Enrollment Forms

    If you received a letter from the Regional Water Board instructing you to enroll into the Cannabis Cultivation Discharge Waiver program within 30-days, and are cultivating more than 2,000 square feet of cannabis, we suggest that you take the following steps:

    1. Fill out the two forms below as well as you can. Include a note stating that you need help with the forms and you have either scheduled a professional or want help from the Regional Water Board;



    2. Submit the forms by mail along with a payment  (Tier 1 = $1,000.00, Tier 2 = $2,500.00, Tier 3 = $10,000.00) clearly marked with your parcel number to:

    5550 Skylane Boulevard
    Suite A
    Santa Rosa, CA 95403

    3. Review the Standard Conditions. Implement all of the Conditions that you are capable of and schedule professional help to implement those Conditions that you cannot do on your own.

    Standard Conditions to be met.pdf